Veak Ceramics

No matter the art form, the creative process is beauty and brilliance to me. This summer, I had the privilege of capturing some shots of my dear and talented friend, Sarah, working at her potter’s wheel. Watching a simple ball of clay being shaped and molded into a useful piece of art was truly magic before my eyes! Sarah is the creator and owner of Veak Ceramics. Her desire is to produce a collection of utilitarian functional ware that is both mid-century and rustic in its design and appeal. Sarah’s heart behind her pottery is to foster a gathering of community as well as the human connection of nourishment and beauty. And I believe she greatly succeeds in both.

Not only was I able to capture Sarah’s creative process in the studio, but I also grabbed some shots of her finished work being showcased at the Denver Flea Market this fall. Such a blast!

From beginning to end, it brought me great delight to stand as witness to the art being created… and then to capture her joy along with the joy she spreads to others in that process as well.

I support the heart and vision of this craft so much. Keep doing your thing, Sar. You are amazing! 

If you like what you see, head on over to Sarah's site at