Badgett Family - Baby Lily

I think the thing I love most about photography is capturing moments. Seems kind of like an intuitive thought for one who takes pictures, but it continues to be the thing that fuels my love for this art. Rather than contriving or staging an instance to re-create, I love being able to grasp a particular time as it happens, how it happens. Portraying authentic glimpses of love and beauty shared within various occasions just never gets old! 

That was my experience while photographing the Badgett family earlier this fall! I had the wonderful privilege of capturing some sweet moments between Leslie, Eric, and little Lily in their Colorado home. This was actually my first time doing an official newborn session, and I could not have been more grateful to have such a kind and beautiful family to "learn" with. I can only imagine the joy and awe that comes along with the season of being new parents, and from spending time with this family, it was amazing to witness the abundance of that emotion firsthand. I loved being able to see the look of delight and wonder on both of their faces as they held and gazed at their precious little one. Lily was such a sweetheart, and handled the fame and spotlight of the paparazzi incredibly well. :)

Leslie and Eric, thank you for inviting me into your home and allowing me to witness your lovely growing family. Blessings to you guys!