Haley and Brad - Richmond Wedding

Weddings are fun. End of story. What could be better than an entire day that brings together family and friends, new and old, to share in a gathering of joy and celebration? Mmm... nothing! Every time I attend a wedding, I am always surprised at the amount of emotion I have! Tears, laughs, the whole nine yards. Even with being behind the camera, this day was no exception! I had the great privilege of photographing Haley and Brad's garden wedding this October in Richmond, Virginia. From beginning to end, the day was absolutely stunning. 

Haley is the younger sister of one of my best friends from my Florida years. My favorite memory of Haley is playing the board game Mad Gab during one of her visits to West Palm Beach. We seriously went through so many of those cards for what seemed like hours upon end... to the point that even after we finished, we could not stop talking in the seeming drunken gibberish that Mad Gab evokes. (If you have played the game, you know what I'm talking about.) Anyways, I was thrilled and honored when Haley asked me to photograph her special day. :)

Haley and Brad were married at the Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens. Such a lovely venue! Their celebration was quaint yet elegant, and the late day autumn glow could not have created a more timeless and enchanting space. Both families offered such kind and heartfelt support, through words, hugs, and tears shared. And Haley and Brad's devotion and care for each other was beautifully apparent throughout the entire day. 

Haley and Brad, thanks so much for letting me be a part of your day! It was a blast. Wishing the best to you guys + Noah as you embark on this new season together. Blessings and love! 

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Haley and Brad to show-68.jpg