Forlorn Strangers

"...It is so great a thing to be an infinitesimal part 
of this immeasurable orchestra the music bursts the heart, 
And from this tiny plosion all the fragments join:
Joy orders the disunity until the song is one." 
- Madeleine L'Engle 

Music is one of those art forms that easily touches upon something transcendent for me. The mixture of words and sounds and rhythms creates such a meeting place for both introspective yet experiential fulfillment to my soul. And as with most art, I believe it opens up such a complexity and richness to the tangible world around us. Back in November, I was able to witness some of this depth and joy firsthand within a late-day gathering of the Forlorn Strangers crew. Forlorn Strangers is a folk/americana band based out of Nashville, TN... who also happen to be some of my dear and sweet friends. With origins from south Florida (and heart roots from the Appalachians), they have been playing music in Nashville together for almost 2 years. Forlorn's sound is a wonderful mixture of bluegrass with hints of blues, jazz, and rock & roll. 

Truly, this group of humans is incredible. As a whole and individually, they are so full of energy, passion, and wit. Their heart as a family and band is to love each other, love their work, and to usher goodness into the world through the lighthearted joy that is found in community and creating. And I deeply believe they live out this vision in both humble and profound ways. 

The playfulness and cheer captured in these images was definitely reciprocated on both ends of the camera. I think I spent more time composing myself from laughter than actually shooting. By the end of the evening, instruments were drawn, and I found myself in the presence of such a delightful ambiance of a rosy evening glow accompanied by the most enchanting and loveliest of sounds. I must say, photo shoot turned jam session is ALWAYS a good way to spend a night. 

Thanks so much, guys, for letting me capture the essence of Forlorn. So proud to call you friends! Keep seeking and bringing the goodness around you. So much love. <3

To hear a bit of their sound, check out their newly released Daytrotter session recording... HERE