Hannah and Ben - Maryland Wedding

If every photographer has to have a "first wedding" experience, I would hope it could be just like this one. I have shadowed and served as a second shooter for several weddings before, but until now, I had never led as head hauncho! Whew. Totally different ballgame running the show! But truly, what a joy and privilege to photograph my friends Hannah and Ben on their beautiful day. 

Hannah is one of my dearest friends from college. Quickly upon meeting the "cool girl with a lacrosse jersey and dreads" at my Florida school, I knew I wanted to be this girl's friend. My friendship with Hannah was one of those instantaneous ones that do not take much effort to develop, and inevitably last a lifetime. Hannah and I have walked through joyous and not-so-joyous seasons together. Bright times and healing times. Goofy moments, to emotional breakdowns, to everything in between. So, naturally, I could not have been more honored to witness and capture her wedding day with Ben. 

Hannah and Ben's wedding took place in the hills of Maryland at a 4-H camp. The combination of rustic woods, cedar cabins, and warm-toned firelight provided the perfect mixture for a cozy yet radiant wedding celebration. Friends and family gathered together to experience live bluegrass music, a bridal party full of spunk, and a union between two sweet souls. Here are some images from Hannah and Ben's day! 

1 rustic woods.jpg
1a dress and shoes.jpg
18 zz sendoff.jpg