Veak Ceramics - Winter Studio

I truly believe artist spaces are sacred spaces. There is something a little bit solemn, a little bit intimate & magic about a space that an artist spends their time. It's a birthing place of sorts.

At the beginning of February, I was able to visit the workspace of my dear friend Sarah (the mastermind of Veak Ceramics). February is slow and broody for me. It always feels like a time of solitude and rest, but also of stirring for rebirth into the spring months ahead. In Latin, the word "February" literally means "month of purification." How fitting, right? With the moods of February in full force and the best kind of melancholic lighting in this sweet basement studio, I couldn't have asked for a more fitting scene to capture the current essence of Sarah's creative process. 

It has been one of my greatest and favorite photo endeavors to document alongside of Veak Ceramics. When Sarah and I both lived in Denver, I was privileged to witness the depths and inner-workings of what makes Veak Ceramics run. What most people see is the completed perfectly lined & glazed mug, bowl, or planter. What most people do NOT see is the string of slow, monotonous tasks spilled into days that makes the magic actually happen. But that's where the growth is. That's why we have Februaries. The incubation periods. The times of hibernation before the spring breath bursts forth.

I'm very proud of this talented pot-making friend. For trusting in the patience and tension of the creative process. And for relentlessly seeking to bring more unity and togetherness into the world through the work of her hands. <3

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