Teecy and Nick - Colorado Wedding

Man. What to even say about Teecy and Nick? If you know either of them, you love them. And if you know them TOGETHER, you love them even more. Teecy and Nick both represent a stable, constant, and loyal presence. They are the type of people you meet and immediately feel known and valued. They are vibrant and witty, thoughtful and kind. Truly, the best of souls.
There is always something very special to me about backyard weddings. I appreciate the clear intimacy shared between family and friends, the small moments, and the unassuming details. Teecy and Nick's day was this and more. It was simple yet deeply earnest. It was joyous. It was lovely. And so. much. fun. The wedding took place amidst the foothills of the Rockies on the Stately family's land. The mood of the low-lit barn filled with Sigur Rós and greenery decor couldn't have set a better mood for the ceremony. And the energy during the reception - well, I'll let that speak for itself. ;)  Everything about this celebration reflected Teecy and Nick's devoted and joyful spirits in the best possible way. 

Teec & Nick, thank you for letting me capture these sweet memories for you. A lot of love and many blessings to you both. <3

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