Tidwell Family - Baby Banyan

“So every day I was surrounded by the beautiful crying forth of the ideas of God, one of which was you.” – Mary Oliver

I cannot imagine many things more remarkable than the joy of entering parenthood. To bring such precious life into the world can only evoke a great rising of emotion… elation, nerves, complete adoration, to say the least... I love being able to witness pieces of the parenthood journey in those around me, and it is always such an honor to be able to capture bits of these moments with the lens.

PT and Rachel are so dear to me. Being able to watch them grow from the Florida days of college friends, to newly weds, to newly made parents here in Colorado has been beautiful. Just a few weeks before their little one was born, I photographed PT and Rachel during a radiant golden hour shoot. The emanating light was a perfect way to capture their anticipation of welcoming new life. And now, a few months later, I still believe the light they hold and are offering their son manifests in evident and vibrant ways. You don’t have to be around PT and Rachel very long to tangibly see the great love and devotion they share towards each other… and now that same devotion being showered endlessly upon their little babe.

Banyan Brooks made his appearance into the world in September and instantly stole the hearts of PT and Rachel. Banyan is named out of an inspiration from a verse in the Bible: "Blessed is the one who trusts in the Lord, whose confidence is in Him. For he will be like a tree planted by the water that extends its roots by the stream." (Jer 17:7). I have no doubt that with such steady and adoring parents, Banyan will surely grow into the fullness of his given name. 

Love you guys and the beautiful home you have created here in Denver!

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