Veak Ceramics Lifestyle

I have to say, I am continually blown away by the caliber of talent the people in my life possess. It's kind of incredible. And definitely makes me so proud to be able to brag on my people again and again. Several weeks ago, I spent a morning capturing some lifestyle photos of my dear friend Sarah Veak and her beautifully finished ceramic mugs & pour-over pieces. I have featured Sarah's work at Veak Ceramics on my blog in the past {click here}, and I am honored to be able to continue sharing her story as she grows deeper and flourishes within her craftsmanship journey. 

Working closely beside Sarah and her ceramics business, I get to see so much of the heart that goes behind her craft. For Sarah, her work is not just a hobby or menial task of creating pots. Sarah desires for her pieces to bring people together - whether it is over morning coffee or an evening meal - with hopes of fostering community and a sense of togetherness. In a time where busyness and hectic schedules take over our weeks and days, it is refreshing to be brought into spaces that encourage moments of quietude and familiarity, where maybe we are able to pause and appreciate the intention behind our morning coffee, or the intricacy of the hand-made mug we are drinking it out of.

These photos were truly a privilege and a joy to take. I am so proud of Veak Ceramics and all the dreams, passion, and talent that it carries. Thanks so much, Sarah, for letting me walk alongside of you to see the goodness you are offering the world through your beautiful work. Here's to capturing the still moments and comforting routines that mornings and coffee and lovely ceramicware can bring. 

{To see more of this gal's incredible work, check out !! And keep your eyes peeled for her appearance in locally sourced craft coffee magazines, as well.}