Derrick and Christy - Colorado Spring Shoot

I have to say, the more I walk forward in this craft, the more I fall in love with the camera's ability to create a sort of sealed vignette of a person, the ability to preserve the essence of those around me. And in that regard, being able to photograph those who are closest to me is a true delight. The beauty of capturing my dear ones feels like such a privilege of knowing them and then being able to portray them to the world.

Derrick and Christy are some of my closest friends. Christy and I went to college together in Florida, lived in community housing with amazing women, ran after-school programs in inner-city south Florida together, and ended up in the same city again after parting ways from the sunshine state. Christy met and dated Derrick long distance while we still lived in Florida, and very quickly, he became equally as dear of a soul. These guys were married just about a year and a half ago! Christy is full of whimsy and ideas and bright hopes for herself and those around her. Derrick is steady but full of jokes. Together, it is clear that they know how to deeply love each other, while also living out of their spunky inner child. These photos hold the intention of memorializing their Colorado season together, and who they have grown into as a married couple. 

I say this often, but this was such a fun shoot. I especially loved the various backgrounds we hunted down for these photos. We took a mini trek into the mountains for some early morning picturesque shots and then ventured around downtown Denver in Christy and Derrick's neighborhood.

Thanks, you two, for offering me the privilege of documenting your whimsical Colorado selves.