Forlorn Strangers - Spring Rain, Spring Tour

Oh man. These kids. Once again, I had the great privilege of capturing some moments with the crew of Forlorn Strangers on a recent visit to Nashville. This week marks the beginning of a grand adventure for Forlorn, as they are making the leap to pursue music together FULL-TIME! Agh! So exciting. During our time together, we snagged as many shots as we could get in between tornado sirens and bouts of thunder... but alas, the rain still ruined (well, or maybe actually enhanced) the fun.

Forlorn Strangers is a folk/Americana quintet characterized by their rich four part harmonies, smooth and vibrant melodies, and energetic percussion as the backbone. Their sound is a delightful blend of bluegrass instrumentals and vocals, with hints of jazz and rock and roll. If music is to be experiential, Forlorn Strangers definitely creates an atmosphere in which this is true. Listeners are sure to be filled and drawn into places of vibrancy, light, and introspection. 

I am so proud to call this group musicians and artists some of my dearest friends. Keep living the dream, guys. You bring so much goodness to the world!

To keep up with their whereabouts on their spring tour, take a visit by their website for deets!